Twinray  Treasures

Here you will find all of our special treasures

From our beautiful and pristine Talismans to our Waters of Life Divination Collection, our Golden Elixirs that are designed to activate your own internal elixir, there is a treasure box waiting for you to open that will open the pathways of Divinity with you.

Gold Elixir

Therapeutic and sacramental gold formulations are a secret living tradition in the form of calcined gold elixirs and liquid tonics. These very special, and exceptionally rare formulas have been brought forth as product-descendants of ancient and timeless elixir-alchemy traditions, which originate from ancient royalty and the most hidden spiritual elite.  It is now possible for you to have access to these royal elixirs that were once forbidden, and reserved to only the highest spiritual adepts of antediluvian times.

The Elixir

Gold Elixir Seventh Heaven


Explore our range of Water of Life treasures with sacred waters collected from 33 sacred sites from all over the world. They attune with the waters inside your system, and raise the vibration of your bio-energy field


These supreme Wholefood Supplements are formulated to nourish every cell of your body, coherently align your Bio-Energy field, and awaken your inner Divine Blueprint.

Explore Our Sacred Art

The sacred Art pieces have been brought forth by Sanandaji in deep blissful states of Samadhi, to unify the higher frequencies of the universe into art.

Explore Our Ceremonial Teas

Natural, handpicked teas from wild and ancient tea trees from a Biodiversity Forest. Handmade by true artisans and blended to bring about a variety of surprising and nourishing benefits to the mind, body, spirit and soul

Explore Our Incense range

The finest quality aromatic botanicals are mixed and rolled by hand to release the purest and most complex fragrances.

Explore Our Golden Threads

Wrap yourself in warmth, love and woven soft gold with a Golden Threads Pashmina. Made from 100% cashmere, each pashmina is carefully hand-woven on a traditional wooden loom with each one taking a couple of months to create.

Explore Our Energy Patches

UNIFY’s Bio-Frequency Patches deliver vital information to the body via targeted frequencies that reduce pain and inflammation without drugs, chemicals or side effects.

Explore Our Sacred Flames

Explore our sacred, handmade candles with fragrant infusions that deliver emotional, spiritual, physical and even cosmic gifts.