The Pamper Me Package


Treat Yourself or your loved ones with one of three inspiring packages. Use a short ritual to help you honor the wonderful temple you breathe in every day. Get packages in small, medium (includes small), or large (all items listed)! List your top 3 choices for each item in checkout notes.


Pamper Me Package

Pamper Yourself with Our 2024 Gift Package

    • Pashmina, Bracelet, Lavender Oil, Peace Candle, Eden Incense, Small Oolong Tea, Bath Magick

💚I Love Myself 💚

Embrace the magic of self-love this 2024

    • Harmonizer Pendant, Lavender Mist, Happiness Candle, Poseidon or Mermaid Magick, Bath Magick

🦋 You Deserve the Best! 🦋

Step into miracles in 2024

    • Harmonizing Clay, Sacred Water Pendant, Rose Quartz Water Bottle, Expansion Candle, Universal Woman or Universal Man, Medium Moonlight Tea - Also add a silver chain to your order via the drop-down list.

Pamper Yourself with Our 2024 Gift Package

This 2024 season, immerse yourself in the transformative experience of self-love. 💚 Indulge in the pamper-me ritual with our exclusive gift package, designed to bring peace and joy to your home. ✨

✨ Begin by filling your space with the enchanting aroma of Majestic Mango incense, setting the stage for relaxation. Light the special Peace candle for the perfect ambiance as you soak in a bath infused with Bath Magick—a powerful blend to clear toxins and soothe your skin.

✨ Take deep breaths, release the past year's burdens, and envision the happiness, prosperity, and abundance you're creating for the year ahead. 

✨ After your bath, savor a sip of Wild Rock Oolong tea and embrace the comforting scent of Lavender. Reflect on the messages received during your relaxation, and let the beautiful crystal bracelets—Sodalite, Rose Quartz, or Golden Healer—bring grounding and balance. This ritual is your time to reflect, recharge, and welcome the miracles coming your way in the new year. 

✨ #PamperYourself #2024Magic #SelfLoveJourney ✨

  • Bath Magick: Rest, restore, and revitalize with a full spectrum clay bath. Individual Premixed Bath packets in a 2 to 1 ratio of Enlightened Earth (1/4 cup) and Ocean Magnesium, Himalayan Salt, Humic & Fulvic Substances (1/8 cup). RECOMMENDED USE: Add the entire packet to bath water and stir. Soak lor 30-45 minutes or more in comfortably warm water. Safe for both septic systems and city drains, or toss spent water on your house plants & Garden.
  • Sacred Flames: Explore our sacred, handmade candles with fragrant infusions that deliver emotional, spiritual, physical and even cosmic gifts. Receive a large or small Wisdom Unity Inner Vision Happiness Gratitude, Peace, Expansion, or Prosperity candle or ask for you Zodiac Pyramid Candle while supplies last. List your top 3 choices in checkout notes.
  • Ceremonial Tea: Natural, handpicked teas from wild and ancient tea trees from a Biodiversity Forest. Handmade by true artisans and blended to bring about a variety of surprising and nourishing benefits to the mind, body, spirit and soul. Gynostemma, Moonlight, Oolong, Phoenix. List your top 3 choices in checkout notes.
  • Enlivened Lavender: The scent of this lavender is more than a fragrance; it’s a portal to the soul. Inhaling it bypasses judgment, opening a channel to the heart and mind. Lavender’s natural calming effect is amplified by the Azeztulite. For all who encounter this lavender, life becomes more ease-filled, more open. It’s a subtle yet powerful transformation that occurs effortlessly, organically, just like the lavender itself. Grosso Oil or Royal Velvet Oil. List your top choices in checkout notes.
  • Incense: The finest quality aromatic botanicals are mixed and rolled by hand to release the purest and most complex fragrances. List your top 3 choices in checkout notes.
  • Pashmina: Wrap yourself in warmth, love and woven soft gold with a Golden Threads wrap. Our wraps are the medium size of our pashmina Collection. It is large enough to wear as a head and body covering, soft enough to feel as if you are wearing the most elegant and royal blanket. Use our Golden Threads Wraps for those cold and winter days and nights. Blush, Cobalt, Dusty Pink, Lavender, Mint, Mustard, Turquoise. List your top 3 colors in checkout notes.
  • Bracelet (list your top 3 choices in checkout notes):
    • Honey Jade Bracelet
    • Rose Quartz Bracelet
    • Black Onyx Bracelet
    • Agate Yellow Bracelet
    • Amazonite Bracelet
    • Citrine Bracelet
    • Turquoise Bracelet
    • Sodalite Bracelet
    • Clear Quartz Bracelet
    • Golden Healer Quartz Bracelet
    • Shungite Crystal
    • Prehnite Crystal
    • Elite Water Shungite Crystals
    • Golden Healer Quartz Crystal
    • Carnelian Crystal
    • Blue Jade Crystal
    • Selenite or Pocket Crystal
    • Amethyst Flat Crystal

We will select the top available products for you. Please list your preferences and colors in the customer notes during checkout and if available we will pack as ordered.

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We update our products regularly so please come back and check for our new pieces, new art, and new colors across all of our product lines.

Additional information

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

Pamper Me Package – Pashmina, Pamper Me Package – Medium, Pamper Me Package – Small, I Love Myself Package – Small, I Deserve the Best Package – Small, I Love Myself Package – Medium, I Deserve the Best Package – Medium, I Love Myself Package – Large, I Deserve the Best Package – Large, Sterling Silver Chain 18", Sterling Silver Chain 20"

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