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Golden Threads Pashmina Wrap


Wrap yourself in warmth, love and woven soft gold with a Golden Threads wrap. Our wraps are the medium size of our pashmina Collection. It is large enough to wear as a head and body covering, soft enough to feel as if you are wearing the most elegant and royal blanket. Use our Golden Threads Wraps for those cold and winter days and nights. 76 inches x 27.5 inches.

Discover the magic of our Golden Threads Pashminas

Golden Threads Wrap are intentionally woven together, to represent the immaculate beauty of spirit and the interdependence between Heaven and Earth. Wearing golden threads is truly like placing a royal mantel of light around you, as you remember the divine within you.

Pashmina Wrap weaving is an art that is thousands of years old, cherished for its elegance. Though it symbolizes royalty, and heritage, a true authentic weaver is a dying art form in today’s modern age. We feel this art is worth saving and honoring. You can feel it within the soft and buttery texture of the 100% cashmere which has come from the Capra Hircus goats found in the sub-zero climate of the Himalayas. This breed constitutes less than .1% of cashmere production making it one of the rarest cashmeres found in the world.

Each pashmina wrap is carefully hand-woven on a traditional wooden loom. Just one pashmina wrap takes a couple of months to create.

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