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This set of our Bio Divinity Collection of 12 Divine Human Ethereal Oils has been created with the intention to ignite the regenerative nature of each system of the body for improved health, wellness and balance, as well as help the assimilation of the spiritual role that each bodily system performs through the Bio Energy Field.

Each oil is made of a compilation of micro blends of  pure organic oil extractions that have been highly charged and infused with the precise and measured frequency for each system.. They are programmed with the specific vibrations of each ascended body system, enhanced by using scalar field frequencies, while activated and hand blessed by Master Teachers Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji.

1. Kinetic Relief
2. Pranic Conversion
3. Vitalizing Breath
4. Super Luminal
5. Heart Resonance
6. Solar Assimilation
7. Sensual Synthesis
8. Creative Power
9. Sensory Serene
10. Crystalline Structure
11. Transmutation Fire
12. Peaceful Cleanse

The inspiration to formulate these sacred oils was to create an oil that had a frequency match and the bio-resonant signature of each one of the bodily systems in their ascended form. By applying the oil it helps to clear, whole, uplift, resolve and activate each bodily system.

By applying it through the Bio Divinity Codex, it goes through every layer of the system. Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji have also infused the oils with Immortal Monatomic essence oil, so it also contains the M-state frequency of the Immortal Monatomic.
The formula of each oil is made up of different plants that are known for their medicinal, healing and energetic benefits for the different aspects of the bodily systems. These are synthesized and fused into a formula, and then Immortal Monatomics etheral essence oil is formulated into each oil. After which they are programmed with scalar field technology which allows the oil to have a bio-resonant signature. The last step in creating these magnificent Divine Human Ethereal Oils is intended to do clearings, healing, wholings and activations of each bodily system.

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