Our Ethos

Message from The Founders,
Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji

Our Ethos is the spirit of our TwinRay custom, culture and our way of life. Quite simply, our faith is Divine Love, our mission is Divine Service and our manner is Divine Truth, that when integrated inspires and creates life altering transformation. 

The spirit of our culture is reminiscent of an ancient past where life was lived in a ceremonious manner. Everyday was spent as a purposeful expression, and an offering to The Divine, to life itself and to the most sacred temple of all: The Human Body.

We invite you to enter the various realms within our TwinRay Treasures Online Shop, and ask you to give yourself permission to unveil the magic that is waiting to be discovered.

We live a life of service, and our mission and purpose is to bring forth The ancient thread between what was proven in antiquity and what is still pertinent now and in these modern times.


Ethos means the Spirit of a culture, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations. This is a sacred word that holds the essence of En (in) and Theos (God), together signifying; God Within.

We are Mystics, and we live a life of virtue. Each TwinRay Treasure we feel is exactly that: a treasure, a jewel, one rose amongst an entire garden of flowers inspired through beauty, elegance, and sophistication. Each treasure is made with Love in order to create an even deeper connection and a greater alignment with Spirit.

As world teachers, it is our joy to exemplify how to live a life of ceremony that takes you from routine to ritual, from mundane to magick, and share Treasures that purify, connect, aline, and empower your inner mystic to ignite the light within you.

All of our treasures have been envisioned by us, hand crafted and hand blessed, infused with the intention to bring light into the body, harmony within the mind and love within the heart.

Our Values

The values behind the TwinRay Treasures product line and brand is all about bringing forth Conscious Technologies, Divination Tools, Bio-Jewelry, Sacred Art, Supreme Nutrition, that inspires humanity to live a life of virtue and purity. 

Each treasure that we offer here, has been personally utilized on our journey, or we have created it knowing how beneficial it would have been during our own spiritual transformation. 

Through this online portal, we offer conscious technology that helps to purify, connect, re-align, empower and ignite the light within you. The Bio-Jewelry, Divinity Code™, Divine Human Bioceuticals™, Living Waters and Golden Elixirs are designed to greatly expand your energy field, protect you from EMFs, create harmony within and around you, induce healing energy and provide a proverbial light infusion to your cells.

May the magic of the ancient past and the wonder of the future coalesce into a modern expression of your own inner Divinity.

Popular Treasures

From our Bio Jewelry, to the Elixirs, Sacred Art, BioCeuticals and Water of Life, all of our sacred tools have been handcrafted and blessed by us to harmoniously integrate, build upon each other, expand and multiply their effects to assist you on your journey and raise your vibration and frequency.