Golden Elixir

Seventh Heaven 24k Gold Elixir

Therapeutic gold formulations are a secret living tradition in the form of calcined gold elixirs and liquid tonics. These very special, and exceptionally rare formulas have been brought forth as product descendants of ancient and timeless elixir-alchemy traditions.

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Sacred Jewelry

Sacred Handmade Jewelry

Explore our sacred jewelry, a collection imbued with divine symbolism, channeling positive energies and fostering a deep spiritual connection.

Bio Jewelry

Ancient Technology meets opulent Beauty

Encircle yourself with a light of protection, enhance your powerful Human Bio-Energy Field and give yourself the gift of this exquisite, hand crafted Bio Jewelry Talisman.  Explore our  TwinRay Talismans which possess unique energetic qualities to raise the vibration and expand the awareness of its wearer.

Water of Life

the art of connecting with the Divine Presence within you

Explore our range of divination tools that create powerful and life enhancing effects. Each tool has been energetically calibrated to harmonize its user and the surrounding enviroment.


Divine HUman Supreme Nourishment

These Supreme Wholefood supplements are formulated to nourish every cell of your body, coherently align your Bio-Energy Field, and awaken your inner Divine Blueprint.

Mystic Moments Tea

Ceremonial Grade Tea

Natural, handpicked teas from wild and ancient tea trees from a Biodiversity Forest. Handmade by true artisans and blended to bring about a variety of surprising and nourishing benefits to the mind, body, spirit and soul

Divinity Code™ Sacred Art

Fine Art Collectors Series

This collector’s series of fine art has been brought forth to humanity in order to inspire and awaken higher states of awareness. Each canvas is encoded to open portals into the infinite.

Popular Treasures

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Below you will find some of our most popular treasures that have brought healing frequencies, divine alignment and sacred presence to all who have utilized these jewels of the Universe. Feel free to call the store and video chat about our Quantum Age Water Wands, BioDivinity Oils, Small Crystals, Holodisks, Yoga Mats/Bags, spiritual tools, and NEW jewelry. 11AM-3PM PST Tue-Sun (541) 488-8080



We invite you to embark on a treasure hunt. It is a treasure hunt, where the final discovery is a deeper connection to the Divine within you. Everyday, we inspire others to live a life of service. It is our great joy to share the ancient threads between what was proven in antiquity, and what we know is pertinent now especially in these modern times of prophecy and transformation.

Our Treasures

Sacred Jewelry

True Pashmina

Waters of Life

“All harmonize and work synergistically together”

“I have been so blessed with being able to purchase many of the Twin Ray Beloveds offerings and products. Each one is so unique, yet I find that one of the beautiful gifts is how they all work together. The Living Water Wands and Pendulums, the Water of Life bottles, the Golden Elixirs, and the incredible Talismans — all harmonize and work synergistically together so beautifully. I love them all!! Thank you, Beloveds for these gorgeous sacred gifts to help us on our journey home!”

– Wendy Ann McCarty

"The Talismans are truly incredible"
“The Talismans are truly incredible and I feel so protected and as though there is a constant wave of purification flowing thru me when I wear it. The Talisman feels like a living energy and a vortex that encapsulates me.”

– Brian Wellenstein

“Truly a magical elixir! ”
“I have been using the Golden Elixirs for 2 years and I feel they have boosted my immune system, balanced my hormones, given me renewed energy and raised my frequency. Truly a magical elixir!”

– Reisha Fletcher

“They are potent tools to create a sacred space ”

“The Blue Krystic Bottles have been potent tools for me for creating a sacred space for prayer, journaling, meditation, KES sessions, and sleep for me. Feeling deep appreciation and profound gratitude to Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji.”

– Craig Weeding

“Absolutely THE BEST pendulums! ”

“The Water of Life pendulums are absolutely THE BEST pendulums! The sacred waters maintain such a high vibrational neutral. I experience the best connection with it of any pendulum I have used.”

– Wendy Anne McCarty

“ They bring all into peace within”
“These beautiful high frequency, highly intelligent waters work their magic and merge and blend with the water within my body bringing all back into stillness, peace within. I feel these “Water Beings” are truly blended within me.”

– Mia O’Brian

“Living codes that upgrade the field of our home”
“My partner and I have almost every cosmic code in our home that Beloved TwinRay has created! We absolutely LOVE them, and can’t imagine living without them. They are Living codes whose energies permeate and upgrade the field of our home. When you sit in front of them, you can feel the transmission, and feel your physical energy field changing, opening and upgrading.”

– Reisha Fletcher

Latest Treasures

Explore the latest treasures that have newly arrived.